Monday, March 29, 2010

Today I became who I used to be...

It was gorgeous out today. About as close to a perfectly beautiful day as it gets. Clear skies despite a few wispy clouds, 77 degrees and sunny with a light breeze.

As soon as I arrived home from substituting today I came home, changed into my comfiest gauchos and a tank top, grabbed my blanket, a good book, Bayley and her long leash and headed for the field. I looped Bayley's leash through a post to keep her within 20 feet of me and spread my blanket out with some assistance from the breeze.

Basking in the warm rays of the sun I sensed the return of a familiar girl. A girl who used to skip class on beautiful days like these to spread her blanket on a nearby hillside and watch the clouds float by. A girl who loved nothing more than taking in deep breaths of the fresh air as she soaked up the sun and creation around her. I've missed that girl, it was nice to meet her again. Bayley enjoyed the basking as well...


  1. What a cute dog. I wish I could've enjoyed some time reading in an empty field yesterday, but I had to settle for taking the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood:) Thank goodness it's finally Spring!

  2. I remember that girl too....glad she's back!!! :)


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