Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just an Ordinary Day...

This morning I got up and made eggs over easy and toast for Mark, packed his lunch and sent him off to work. I promptly landed myself back in bed to rest till my heart's content.

I awoke to a hyper and anxious puppy a few hours later, donned my house slippers (a gift from Mark a few years ago) and squinted into the sun as I opened the door and took Miss Bayley out to potty.

After poking around on facebook and the blog for a while I decided to check a few things off of the old "To Do" list. I unpacked, did laundry & dishes, updated my sub records along with our budget and accomplished a few other menial tasks.

I spent about four hours (only one of which I was actually with a class) at the high school as a stand in theatre teacher.

I came home, grabbed Bayley (and her favorite toy) and headed for the field where we spent some quality time together. =)

Bayley and I then paid our daily visit to our friends, Janice and Susan, up at the office -- love those ladies. =)

After Mark tipped us off for his arrival time home we put dinner on and the rest of the evening was spent relaxing and watching LOST.

I call it a successful day. Pretty ordinary but definitely successful. I love my life. =)

Side Note: DIY discovery of the day... check it out! Super awesome clues for the plain window blues!

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  1. love your diy link. my mom is buying a duplex (moves in this weekend) and can't find any cheap window stuff. I mean, knowing my mother she would never do PVC pipes, but it's still a great idea!


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