Monday, March 22, 2010

On the Road Again

Well this post is really nothing but an update of our weekend adventure to KC (and lots of our only child, Bayley Rae)... so we hope you enjoy the pics! =)

Before we left town, Bayley started having a problem with her left eye. We were lucky enough to get into the vet last minute. The diagnosis was a scratched and infected cornea. Here's what her poor eye was looking like. =(

Daddy was so sweet, icing her eye before bed to help the swelling go down...
On Friday we hit the road and pulled into Mark's parents' driveway at about 9:00pm. Bayley was excited to see "Grandma" and "Grandpa!"

Saturday we were super excited to get to visit our wonderful friends, the Hannon's. This was Mark's first time to meet baby Jackson Dean! Unfortunately he is ill and really struggling. =( Hayden and Tracy were saying a prayer for little Jack in this picture...

He did pretty well in spite of it all, and even pulled out a smug little grin for a picture with Uncle Mark and Aunt Whitney!

Mark was so brave, I was impressed! Jackson wasn't the happiest camper but Mark dove right in and did his best to comfort him. (He's going to be such a good daddy!)

In training for motherhood... gotta suck those boogers out!

As usual, it snowed in KC while we were there (I'm now convinced that I'm the curse. Every time I visit, I bring a snow storm... sorry KC!) But Bayley loves it! She can't get enough of running around in the snow! At this point, there was about a foot in our backyard... crazy!

For your viewing pleasure, Bayley and Mark playing in the snow...

Needless to say, little 3.5 lb Gracie doesn't like the snow as much as Bayley... she gets so cold! But Bayley had a good romp and they're both ready to go in now. =)

It was a short weekend that flew by way too quickly, but we were so happy to have been able to make even a short visit home. The drive back to TX was beautiful -- clear skies and sunny.

I love this part of the trip; gorgeous beauts standing up against forever horizons... just love it.
Bayley is an excellent road-tripper. And she loves the camera! (As you can see her eye is doing much better thanks to her nifty eye drops!)

Gorgeous Sunset.
(I'm actually quite proud of this picture. I took it with my hand out the sun roof, couldn't even see the screen! I'm a pro, I'm just sayin... =)

Overall we had an awesome weekend. We love road tripping together... all the time in the car is so nice -- we have lots of good convo! =)

Updates/Posts To Come: More work on my pack this week, My DIY project choice and whatever else comes to mind! =)

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  1. So glad Bayley is doin much better! Looks like I missed the last big dump (not talkin' bout Bayley --ha!) Yah, you must be the "carrier" Whit. Oh well, spring is definitely on the way!!
    Awesome sunset pic!'s in your genes girl!!
    Prayin for little Jackson's quick recovery!
    :-D Mom


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