Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIY Fever!

I've never been big into DIY projects myself and really, haven't seen many in the past that I would want to have displayed in my home since they were cheesy or too "grandma-y."

Well as I've become part of the blog world and started poking around to see what others have on their sites I am discovering that blogs are DIY central! So many awesome projects -- cute and cheap! I must admit it, I've caught the bug. I've got DIY fever and I can't wait to become a DIYer myself!

I'm contemplating what might be my first project. Requirements = fun + cheap + relevant/logical for our home + CUTE! Here are some pictures of projects I've seen so far; I'm not so hot at this blogging thing yet but I'm going to try to include links to the people's sites where I found these projects.

Give me your opinions! What project do you think we should tackle first?

This is one I could definitely do now. Decorative is good... =)

I could make these more "sophisticated" decorative (as in, not for a baby room) to match our home and not a name but a word like "love" or "faith" etc...

This one I LOVE. I could make some pretty flower pots to put out on our neglected balcony...

It's maybe a little hard to see here but these are 3D. They have foam on the back with ribbon wrapped around. Like the blocks I would make them match our home...

Roman Shades: Little Green NotebookWe could really use something simple like this in our kitchen window at home!

LOVE this too! We would probably paint ours black since most of our shelves and other furniture is either black or brown...

Well let's face it, I love them all!!! =) Okay, now you tell me, what do you think I should work on first?!


  1. I'm obviously a big fan of the roman shades.... : )
    The pots look really cute too!

  2. I love the flower pot with the number!!! But all are great idea!!! Love your new page too!!! Very fab!!! Love you too!!


  3. Awwwwww....(literally said it out loud) LOVE the new YOU! I love them all too! Maybe a bit partial to the pots, the blocks and shade... so fun! :) I can see the pots sitting in landscape in front of your house!! Exciting!



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