Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Well life is back to normal here in the Young house....

Weekend Summary:
Friday we took Bayley out for her own special play date in the field...

Preparing for the first throw. Bayley: "Come on dad, throw it, throw it, THROW IT!!!"

The usual... she takes the frisbee for a lap before returning it.

After several throws, she started her jumping exercises... Jump, Bayley, jump!

They wore each other out. =)

They were both tuckered. Came in and collapsed on the bed right as I was trying to put the sheets on! So I made the bed with Mark and Bayley in it! =)
(What can we say... we love our dog. She's an only child and, well... pretty darn rotten. =)

...then rented Did You Hear About the Morgans... hilarious. Saturday we headed into the "big city" (Amarillo - haha) to get food for Bayley and research our supply needs for our upcoming backpacking trips this summer...

I found a super cute pair of shoes I'll be budgeting for in the very near future.
Then hubby fixed my computer so it is back up and running, YAY!!! (This is what I'm referring to when I say life is back to normal... can't live a normal life without my computer!!! It's so precious to me, I'm beginning to feel like I should name it...)

Frayed cord? Nothing a little soldering, epoxy and duct tape can't fix, right? =)

Today was church as usual, lunch and some relaxation then a foiled attempt to treasure hunt at our favorite local thrift store which has apparently started closing on Sundays. =( So now here we sit, respective computers in laps, researching our own favorite sites (Mark - backpacking info, Me - other crafty DIY bloggers' sites) and half-way watching some outlandish sci-fi movie, The Chronicles of Riddick, while Bayley trades off napping locations - window, couch, bed, window, couch, bed, etc.

I promise to bring you more exciting posts in the near future. Sadly, I cannot yet reveal what DIY projects I have chosen to tackle because the first two have now been deemed as gifts for various upcoming occasions. =) But posts to come as far as I can foresee will cover the following:
  • A photo filled summary of our upcoming trip to San Diego (we fly out this Thursday, WOOOOO!!!)
  • Full report (how to's and photos) of my chosen DIY projects (after they've been delivered, of course)
  • A personal DIY project... one for us to keep! =)

And hopefully a few other fun things that take place along the way! I apologize for not being more consistent with this blogging thing. We're still new to this blog world and it's taking a little bit to get into a routine. =)

Thanks so much to all of our wonderful friends who keep up with our writings and leave us comments that we love to read!!! We definitely like being a part of the blog world. =)


  1. Haha so funny...we rented "Did You Hear about the Morgans" Friday night too! What did you think? I thought it was one of the cutest clean romantic comedies I'd seen in a long time. Usually I don't like Sarah Jessica Parker, but she didn't annoy me too much this time. Anyway just thought that was ironic! CCASMs all the way!

  2. Hey, here's my newest blog DIY site that I fell in love with...
    Will be making my own furniture very soon! Love you guys!


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