Saturday, March 27, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Hello beautiful blog readers, how I have missed you!

My sincere apologies for my absence, I've been dealing with some technical difficulties with my computer. I have currently highjacked Mr. Young's computer in order to make contact with the outside world which I miss so dearly.

The charger cord for my computer has become frayed and needs some serious repair work before it will light up that little battery light on my computer again. And so, my computer sleeps indefinitely. My solution? Time to buy a Mac. However, our Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover journey to debt free living plan seems to disagree. Shame.

Sigh... Oh my sweet, wonderful hubby... please fix my computer cord so that I might blog regularly and surf facebook, upload pictures and share them with the world!

Dearly missing you oh sweet internet world.

Sincerely, Mrs. Young

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  1. blerg, I am sorry for your computer issues. Until I got my new one (a mac, sorry! but I had my old one for 5 years so it was due...also I still owe my parents the only debt I have for it, so smart on your part) I had cable issues also and had to get new one. Also, I had to buy a new one for my shuffle today as I broke that too. Chargin chargin boo.


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