Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today was a super fabulous day.

My Saturday started out directionless. 

Thanks to my loving and spontaneous hubs, it turned out awesome.

We made trips to Lowe's and the ReStore and scored some major finds at both places!

I have progress pictures coming soon and more explanation in the future {like future tomorrow}, but for now, I just really need to sleep.  =)

I'll be sleeping peacefully with visions of taping, painting and antiquing dancing in my head!

PS, I feel it is necessary to emphasize at this moment that my hubby is quite the catch.  I love him so dearly and am so blessed that he loves me dearly as well -- so much that he gives up a Saturday tinkering in his garage to nurture my long suppressed nesting compulsions.   =D

Thanks, babe.

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