Monday, February 28, 2011

Once upon a Saturday...

So I mentioned that Saturday was a super fabulous day, right?
Now I want to show you why!

First of all, a little background knowledge...

You see, when we bought our home in December of 2008 I was SO excited to pick out paint colors and get to work, but life seems to have thrown us one curve ball after another.  First, our stack of Lowe's giftcards from our wedding were stolen out of my vehicle.  Then we moved to Texas and all nesting was delayed for another year.  Well we're finally back but I've had a hay-day trying to choose my colors!

A couple of weeks ago hubs and I headed off to the farm to visit his Grandma and Grandpa Young.  I took with me a Better Homes and Gardens magazine (which I later found out my hubby's other grandmother, Meema, signed me up for, YAY!)  Well while Mark was borrowing his grandpa's welding equipment, grandma and I sat inside discussing paint colors... and she helped me make my decision!

This is the basic color pallet I ended up deciding on for the main level of the house...
{Substitute the "Robin's Egg" blue shade shown in the picture of the wall to the right in place of the "Jamaican Aqua."}

The "Robin's Egg" blue is going to go in the kitchen and across the back wall of our house which spans into the dining room.  The light yellow/cream color is for the rest of the main level, stairway and landing on the second floor.  The other colors pictured, plus a few extra rich tones, will be implemented through accessories such as throws, curtains, pillows, etc.

And this "Safari Beige" is what I am painting the interior of the front/back/garage doors as well as an accent wall at the top of our stairs where I hope to hang a beautiful piece of artwork {yet to be found}.

Now, fast forward back to Saturday.

In some discussion about what to do with our day, my wonderful husband suggested an impromptu trip to Lowe's to pick up some paint supplies and samples of the colors I've finally settled on.  


Based on the color of the cards I'm pretty sure the front three are the swatches I want.  But I grabbed a back up cream and blue for samples just in case.  We'll see if these match what I have in mind and then go from there...

Due to a rather eventful remainder of the weekend, we've not yet streaked our walls with these beautiful colors, but it sounds like tomorrow is the day and I am pumped!
{I'm sure I'll be posting pictures.}

So at this point I am in painting, decorating and nesting heaven, right?  

Then my hubby suggests we take a walk to the newly opened ReStore by our home.  I wasn't nearly as pumped about this as I had been about the paint chip trip, but he's been bugging me since the store opened to go check it out.  Besides, I too was curious enough about what kinds of deals we might find there.  So we donned our coats and headed out on a walk.

We'd only been in the store maybe 15 minutes when I spotted the triple dresser of my dreams and these beauties to match it.

{Excuse the poor quality pictures, these were taken with my phone.}

Solid oak; the dresser and armoire were $60 a piece and the nightstands $20 a piece bringing the grand total to $160 for the lot of 'em.

After several minutes of deliberation and a picture text/phone call to my mother for another woman's opinion {though I LOVE ornate furniture, I'm actually quite the weenie about diving into it myself} I finally convinced myself that this is the furniture I've been scouring craigslist in search of for months.

We bought it.

An hour later the moving party arrived {thanks mom, dad & sara!} and our new furniture came home!

A bit of TLC...

...and three containers of disinfecting wipes later...

...and Voila!

The hubs loves the beautiful armoire and quickly claimed it as his own.

Which was fine by me...
because I am in love with this beautiful piece...

...and I have claimed this gorgeous triple dresser as my very own.  

The night stands won't be finding a home in our bedroom as they're rather bulky and our room isn't too terribly big.  We're certain we'll use them somewhere though and for $20 a pop, what a deal!

TLC yet to be given will include a fresh coat of paint {the previous owners appear to have rather hastily coated the set with black spray paint...}, a little sanding around the edges and "antique-ifying" as well as finding new hardware and a really, really large mirror to sit atop the triple dresser.

I can visualize the finished product and I can't wait!

I'm thinking a cream paint with a rich brown glaze... 

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  1. I can't believe you got all of that for $160! What a steal. And it is very pretty. Can't wait to see what the final product will look like!


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