Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coming to you LIVE, from plague city

Day Eight.

Still running fever with sore throat and head aches.

Addition symptoms now include:
ear aches,tooth aches, jaw aches and body aches.
Assumingly caused by sinuses, sinuses, sinuses and fever.

During one of my "better" {ahem, drug induced} hours.

Since last Saturday I have caught up on
all available online episodes of the following shows:
Lie to Me
No Ordinary Family

...and I am currently working my way through:
Human Target

I've also read Nicholas Sparks' full online autobiography and am now interested in reading all of his mushy, love story novels in chronological order.

Which is why when my {sweet, sweet} hubby asked me today if there was anything I was up to doing to celebrate Valentine's Day this evening, I requested a chai tea latte from my fav cafe and to be taken to the library in search of a Nicholas Sparks book to entertain me in my follow days of Plague life.

I am one lame Valentine.

At this point, I've ceased to anticipate being well.  

This way, when I wake up one day and realize I have no fever and the stabbing pains in my head and throbbing aches in my ears, jaw, teeth and joints have vanished I will leap for joy, surprised and ecstatic.

Hope that day comes soon.

Till then, my apologies for slacking.

PS, I should mention that my hubbers is the best on this planet.  He has been so sweet, giving me neck/sinus massages, running to the store to retrieve random supplies at a moments notice and getting me whatever I want whenever he can.  Plus he makes me laugh when I really feel like crying which is the best proven medicine out there.  He's the best.  =)

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  1. I love Mr. Sparks, and I have his autograph! :) There is nothing worse than being stuck in bed when you don't want to be. Hope you feel better, tell Mark to keep up the good work! Feel better girly!


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