Thursday, February 24, 2011

A good "rainy day" post...

It's a dreary day outside.

I'm not sure "rainy" {in the title} is fitting as it's been hopping between rain, sleet and snow all day, so we'll just leave it at dreary.

Well it's been a few days so I figure it's time for a new post.
Sometimes I get these great ideas for posts that I get really excited about and spend an hour or two thinking through, editing photos and putting together... other times {like now} a random idea just pops into my head and I like it.

Today, I've decided to tell you some tid bits about myself...
and since it's always more fun with pictures... =)
I just bought my first Coach purse... and clearly I love it.
I'll take flats to heels, ANY day.

Love snow, prefer the beach... by a long shot. 
Berries are like their own separate food group to me... LOVE them.

Love this guy... our wedding was practically themed around him!

I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate.
LOVE my babies, Bayley and Skylar, even if they are a pain every now and then.  =)

It's a good thing my husband is mature, because I'm definitely the child in the relationship.

Love Glee (when it's appropriate) and believe my life would be darn near perfect if we all randomly broke out into song and dance.

I've gone Mac... and I'll never go back.  =D

I love to take pictures.  Didn't say I was good at it, but I love it just the same.

FAV coffee joint.
Favorite shows of the moment...
Human Target
Lie to Me

Big fan of Mr. Sparks right now... loving his works and relaxing opportunities to curl up on the couch with some of his writings.

I guess that's about all for now!

Also, I'm getting frustrated with the formatting of this blog post... for some reason it's not playing nice.

So there you have it folks.  A bit of random nonsense about myself... and now you know me just a teensy bit better.  =)

Happy dreary "wintery mix" day... I'm off to curl up with my current novel of Mr. Sparks... True Believer.  =)


  1. Cute post. We are having full on snow up here, I am so ready for summer!

  2. You're a doll. I'm jealous that you can wear flats over heels, and love the Coach purse picture! Love my coaches, they l-a-s-t! Do you have a blog writer? I have windows writer, I'm sure it doesn't work with MacDaddy, but there is probably something similar that will make your life sooo much easier in blogland! :)


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