Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today my sister, Angie, underwent her second brain surgery in a fight to kick cancer's butt.

A few years ago she was first diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain tumor (which I can neither pronounce nor spell) and stage 3 cancer.  For those unfamiliar with cancer, it is usually discussed in stages of severity ranging from 1-4.

A new growth was recently discovered and so at approximately 7:30 this morning, she was put under anesthesia as her surgeon prepared to remove this second mass from her brain.

Needless to say, it was a bit of a long day.

Surgery went well.  Very well.
Probably as wonderful as could possibly be wished or imagined.
The Dr. said he was able to remove everything he was hoping to and the whole procedure was finished in just a few hours, which was much faster than we had been anticipating.

Even once she was awake in the ICU room, Ang was much more interactive and responsive than she had been after her previous surgery.  We joked and laughed a bit... it was good to see her so strong.

One minor concern was that she had been unable to move her right foot after waking and though the Dr. wasn't concerned, the surgery had taken place right next to the motor skills portion of her brain which can leave room for some anxiety on the matter.  However, praise the Lord, I was just told a few moments ago that she is moving her legs and doing great.  Her brain was just in a bit of a tizzy -- needed some time to be remember what it was supposed to do with those extremities.  ;)

Things are going great and looking up.

I'm sure there's still quite a long road to travel as she continues to battle any remaining cells that are tumorous/cancerous, but praise be to our Heavenly Father that He has brought her this far safely.  
To Him be the glory.

Please say a prayer for Angie, her recovery and continuing battle, 
if you think of her as you go about this next week.


  1. Thanks for this update. Read some updates on Facebook and wanting to know more. Please let her know we are still praying when you see her again and give her a kiss and hug from me. Thanks, Dawn

  2. Thank you for the update, Whitney! We will continue to pray for Angie and for all of you. Love and Hugs!


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