Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This is about all I've got in me tonight...

Hubs and I have two dogs:
Bayley Rae the "mutt" (jack russell terrior and miniature doberman pincher) & Skylar Kal the affenpincher.
My mom has one dog:
Gracie Ann the yorkiepoo

Between the three of us, there are three dogs in this house.

Last Saturday Gizmo, the shitztu, was dropped off and the three became four.

On Monday Tychon, the boxer, and Pyper, the chiapoo, were dropped off and the four became six.

This morning I overslept... and forgot I still needed to allow enough time to potty, treat, feed, water and kennel six dogs before running out the door.

This afternoon I had a great time playing in our huge backyard with all six dogs.

This evening Tychon and Pyper were picked up and the six are back to four.

Tomorrow I will {hopefully} post of our fun and frolicking...

And now I will sleep.
Goodnight readers!  =)

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