Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I used to have a life... ?!

Hello readers, I miss you!

Well first of all, I'm making this post on my beautiful new MacBook Pro, aka, MacGyver!  =D

Thanks to all who cast votes, it was so fun to have your input!

I love Mr. MacGyver.
He's already making my life easier (not having to reconnect to the internet every ten minutes for no apparent reason) and I know that as I get to know his inner workings better through the weeks and months to follow he will continue to assist me in my life as a wife, student, teacher, musician and my many other personas.

I love MacGyver.

Thank you again to my wonderful hubby for springing for such an incredible birthday gift -- it was worth the wait!  =)

Now on another note:
Oh. My. Word.
I think I used to have a life...
I seem to have misplaced it.
School is in full swing and anyone out there who has been through university life knows that early to mid October is when the semester begins feeling like it's crashing down on you in a pile of debris that will bury you alive, never to be found by any rescue squad.

Yea... that's kind of where I'm at.  lol

BUT, I am enjoying being back in school, seeing my college friends on a regular basis and exercising my brain again... though I wish I were exercising my body as much as my brain!  ;)  Don't we all.

Well I apologize for my lack of follow through on the posts I foreshadowed some time back.  Needless to say, life has caught up with me yet again!  

I'm headed out to visit my handsome hubbers in Tejas this weekend.  Hoping for some reflective time while I'm there to bring you all up to date on some aspects of life we've been wrestling with lately...  

Want a preview?

Turn this question around in your heart a bit:
What does it look like to truly live, love & serve like Christ through our time, finances, home, belongings, relationships, etc...

Until next time... ciao my friends.  =)

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