Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Color My Mood

I ordered a hard case for MacGyver the other day.

Yes, he is my precious baby and I will probably cry when the first scratch appears on him (hopefully not for at least a year -- hah) so as soon as I started using him, it became imperative that a case arrive like, yesterday.  lol

Well, I debated between pink (cruel for a "MacGyver" I know), turquoise and clear.  I decided clear was just to simple for my personality ;) so it was between pink and turquoise.  Since it was pretty much a toss, I decided I was in more of a turquoise mood at the moment and went with it.

Well the case has arrived and... I'm not sure if I'm still in a turquoise mood.

Sad, right?  

Not that it matters.  I'm not going to send it back or anything because, let's face it, tomorrow I'll be in a turquoise mood again, then it may shift to pink or green through the weekend and back to turquoise on Monday... you just never know.  ;)

All silliness aside, I'm still totally and completely in love with MacGyver (even though his inner workings still have me mostly baffled) and I am super thankful to have a pretty turquoise case now to keep him safe and scratch free!

Now for the soft "travel" case... lol

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