Saturday, November 13, 2010

Belated Celebrations and Bahama Elations!

A couple of weekends ago we hosted a belated surprise graduation party for my cousin, Karissa.

The party was fabulous, complete with:

Her mommy's homemade angel food cake, batter hand whipped to "stiff peaks" do to our lack of electric mixer at the house...
Homemade banner by yours truly, some beautiful decorated cupcakes (thanks to my friend Sherry for giving me some tips!) and some delicious punch... among other more substantial food... 
And of course, who could forget, Miss Graduate herself.
{A pic of the attending Womack ladies:
Susan, McKenzie, Karissa, Whitney, Nachelle, Brenda}
The very next weekend, mom and I packed up and headed off for our long awaited trip to Nassau, Bahamas!

No, we're not rich -- far from it.  Mom was able to qualify for the trip through a company she works with called Mannatech.  She worked so hard to get there and after everything she's been through in the past few years, she deserved such a lovely bonus!  I was lucky enough to be invited to tag along... ;)

Coming in for a landing... water like I've never seen before!
The welcome dinner had some incredible performers!

 Atlantis Trivia: The "Bridge Room" (above, right) is a ten room suite rated at $25,000 per night with a minimum 4 night required reservation... and it's booked solid for the next five years.

The walkway leading to one of the many incredible restaurants of Atlantis.

Loving the beach!  Again... the water!!!
Our *ahem* $250.00 meal... glad we weren't picking up that check!
So many incredible sculptures...

And one giant chair... =)
Looking back at the foyer entrance to the Atlantis resort... it's basically insane.

Preparing to go swim with the dolphins!

A sunset view from our balcony.  We were on floor 19 of 20... what luck!  =)
More incredible architecture...
We walked through the marina on our way to...
...ride the ferry!  We took this "taxi" to the main island for a bit more affordable souvenir shopping.
On the boat with our friends Angie and Chalise... poor Chalise was feeling a bit sea sick at the moment.
 Our most touristy moment of the week, right here folks.
Mom found some Bahamian maracas for this soon-to-be music teacher!  =)

A quaint little area (I believe called the Harbor Village?) we walked through between the resort and the marina.
We stood mesmerized on the balcony, watching some "fore-math" of hurricane Tomas brush alongside Nassau.
The view of Dolphin Cay (pronounced "Key") from our room.

In light of "Tomas" we headed down to The Dig to experience some marine life.
And explored some outdoor areas we had yet to experience once the rain cleared...

At the farewell dinner with Mannatech.
Bidding our sorrowful goodbyes to our lovely room and view at Atlantis...

 Does anyone else know that Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas?  That's a statue of him we passed on our way to the airport.
Oh beautiful Bahamas, your beautiful sights and exciting new experiences will be missed!

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  1. Great pictures! Probably the only I'll experience the Bahamas! :)


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