Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's try this look for a while

I've been frustrated with the set up of our living room for a while now.
To be honest, I never have put much thought into it.
This is mainly because when we moved in, we didn't have much so things were placed in practical locations.
Then we moved to Texas and my mom moved her stuff into our house.
Then we moved back and moved our stuff back in with her stuff... 
...then we bought more stuff in anticipation of losing her stuff when she left.

Needless to say, we were crammed in like sardines at this point.

Then mom left and I quickly moved things to where I thought were the only reasonable places for them...
but it never felt right.

Today, I am proud to say, genius struck!

It hit me while observing a conversation in our living room which closer resembled onlookers at a tennis match rather than family having a nice chat.

So after most everyone had taken flight, I roped my mom into helping me shuffle a few things around and we went from this:

To this.

It's amazing what a few minor changes can do!

We switched the chair closest to the dining room with the bookcase in the corner by the coat closet and moved the couch and other chair toward the far windows a bit in order to create a more functional, conversational sitting area.  I'm also pleased as this has opened up space between the living room and dining room areas helping to create a more distinct separation between the two.

I'm not pleased with how "blocky" and "in-the-way" the bookshelf seems, but this won't be a problem for long as it is soon to be replaced with one of these beauties...

...which my incredible hubby is going to build for me.
Simple, airy, decorative... I am so excited.

The rug from the old pic was left from my mom.  She didn't really have a place for it and we didn't have anything else at the time so she left it with us to use until whenever.  

Well while grocery shopping at Aldi the other day, I found this 4x6 brown shag rug for $29.99!  It's not as big as we ultimately want but it was a steal of a price and one step closer to the large brown rug we would like to find eventually.  So in the end, a small price for an "in-between" rug that matches a little better and makes us a bit happier... plus, when we replace it, this smaller rug will be the perfect touch to help cozy up my new office at school!

Well, overall, I'm happy.
Little changes making big differences... to me anyway.

PS, while I was in the "rearranging mood" I decided to try a new look on the ol' blog.  I'm still workin' on a new header, but let me know what you think!

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  1. love the new arrangement. The living room is cozy and the spaces are more clearly defined. Way to go!


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