Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chaos in a Nutshell

Today my life looked something like this:

7:40am - Leaving for school
7:41am - Thought I was leaving for school... Car key won't turn in the ignition
7:42am - "Hm, this is odd, why won't my key turn."  Turn wheel, try key.  Step on break, try key.  Lock &  unlock, try key.  Bang on gear shift, try key.
7:45am - Okay, this is ridiculous... and I'm going to be late.
7:46am - Mom walks in garage, "Why are you still here?"
7:47am - Call Jamie, "...car won't start, I'm going to be late."
7:48am - Call Hubby, "My car won't start, the key won't turn... yada, yada" ...cry.
7:50am - Give up on Franny, mom will take me...
8:00am - Leave for school

8:11am - Arrive in class with guest speaker... shamed.

8:53am - Decide to skip Psychology with Robert so that he can give me a ride home.
8:55am - Head to Ed. building so that Robert can print... discover we have a test on Thursday for said class we are currently skipping... lovely.
9:05am - Decide to go to my casa to study for said test while we are skipping said class
9:17am - Arrive at casa
9:18am - Break key off in front door of casa... throw keys
9:20am - Scale fence with extreme grace & finesse... riiight... May have gotten stuck half way over and hung there a bit while Robert laughed hysterically at me
9:21am - Enter through back door, sounding automatic alarm connected to said door
9:22am - Disable alarm... ADT calls Hubbers in TX
9:23am - Attempt to let Robert in through front door... said door will not open with key broken off in the lock.  Robert continues laughing hysterically.  Robert enters through garage.
9:24am - Take panic stricken dogs outside
9:27am - See missed call from Hubby and return said call... Hubs laughs hysterically at mental image of yours truly scaling our 6ft privacy fence... then apologizes profusely for my ridiculously chaotic day.  We discuss solution options, yada, yada...

 ...Robert and I study psych, Robert leaves for his student teaching, I study/work on "stuff" yada, yada...

11:30am - Walk to local hardware store to purchase bike lock... then walk home.
1:45pm - Nap... definitely necessary after this day so far!

3:00pm - Ride four miles to campus for 3:45pm class
3:30pm - Arrive on campus, not too terribly tired, but definitely stinky.  Thankful for time to desweatify myself

4:50pm - Jamie offers to load my bike in her Cobalt and take me home, I happily agree.
4:55pm - Attempt to load bike in Jamie's backseat...
5:00pm - Attempt to load bike in Jamie's trunk...
5:05pm - Lay Jamie's back seats down and attempt to load bike in her backseat/trunk combined
5:08pm -Face defeat
5:09pm - Laugh with Jamie about our attempts and say farewell

5:12pm - Ride four miles back to mi casa... half-way through realize it was slightly downhill the whole way to school...
5:39pm - Arrive at mi casa in pain.

And there you have it folks... my crazy day.  
I will now reward my efforts on this tumultuous Tuesday with pizza, ice cream and a chick flick, thank you. very. much.  All, of course, will be retrieved from the grocery store a few blocks away... on my bike.

Oh... and the car can't be fixed until the parts come in on Friday.  So the rest of my classes this week... Yea.  Marilyn (my bike) and I are either going to be really great friends or sworn enemies by the end of this week!  =)  

Silver Lining:  I'm being forced to get the exercise I've been complaining about not having time for!  LOL


  1. I'm sorry you had such a rough day! I loved the write up. You are so hilarious. That's why I love you.

    I promise we'll get your car fixed soon.
    I love you

  2. haha, sorry about your day! ok so now i am laughing hysterically! sorry. :) love you sissy! :) -sissy-in-law-youngest


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