Monday, September 13, 2010

Hygiene Fail

So I'm in my last year of my five year Music Education program and have started visiting the schools that I am observing at this semester in preparation for full time student teaching next semester.

I love elementary music and may be very happy teaching that for some time, but ultimately I want to teach high school... so this is important to me, right?  Important to make good impressions?

Today I visited my cooperating high school for the first time...

Once I was too far away from my house to turn the car around, I realized I had forgotten to apply deodorant.  

What a day to forget something that is so very vital when you're nervous and sweaty!

Well I survived... and so did everyone around me.  ;)


  1. you're not alone. I've done that several times..while I was teaching as well. weird!? so I bought a mini one and kept it in my desk. :) also, sometimes the nurse has some in her office to hand case you really need some!

  2. I couldn't smell you...from Tejas anyway


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